Can't stop process from UiPath Studio


It’s not possible to interrupt a process which started from Studio. Button ‘Stop’ doesn’t work.

Press F12 for stop

If F12 doesn’t work, closing off the UiPath Robot from the system tray should do the trick.

Don’t work

Is possible to kill from robot but in Studio it’s still like running

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It seems the bug in Beta version.

Not sure if it’s a bug or not, but I assume killing off Studio and restarting should do the trick.

I suspect it’s got stuck in a loop with the “Do While 1=1” and that’s locked up the session.

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Killing Studio every time you want cancel process is not a solution.
“Do While 1=1” - it just to imitation of working process just for testing. Stop button has to break it.

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Killing studio is a solution. It breaks this lock.

I agree the stop button should break this and it sounds like a bug that needs investigating, but in the interim, to break this lock, killing your studio session is a solution.

‘Stop’ button works well for the same workflow in version 2018.3.2

Hi @Head

Could you post here the version of your beta build? The exact same scenario works for me and the Stop stops the execution:

I am using the latest beta build:

I have the same version of Beta


But may be I have the issue due to some interference with installed 2018-3.2 Stable.

Normally it should not be possible to be possible to run different versions of Community Edition. Could you maybe reinstall the most recent version 2018.4, which was released yesterday and give it a try?

Same problem with Version 2018.4.0.

Hi Jaume,

Can you provide us with a DiagTool report?
Have you restarted the machine at all since the upgrade to 18.4?



We investigated the reported issue and we found the following scenarios:

  1. If Studio is idle and computer enter in sleep the issue might occur
  2. If you upgrade from 18.3.3 exe to 18.4 there are chances to encounter the issue
  3. If you have the 18.3 msi (Enterprise) and you install the 18.4 exe, the issue will occur every time (both msi and exe installed is not recommended nor supported)

The workaround for 1. and 2. is to close from task manager all the processes that start with UiPath.

When this type of issue occurs the DiagTool report is very important for us to figure out what happens so whenever is possible please provide the DiagTool report

Thank you



Point 3 is exactly my case.
How to get the DiagTool report?

Hey! Point 2 is my case. Where should I upload the DiagTool report?



You can send the DiagTool report in a direct message to me, @ovi or someone from UiPath next time. This time we managed to reproduce, is not necessary to send it.

@Jaume_sg, please let us know if killing all the UiPath processes and restarting the Studio solved the issue.

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No, the problem remains… I uninstalled this version and I am using the 3.3.