Kill process issue

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I am using Kill process activity to close chrome browser and SAP Logon 750 application. I used the process name as it is mentioned in the task manager. But this is not working.

Please suggest.

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Ankita Verma.

The Process Name Should not include .exe

e.g - to kill internet explorer (iexplore.exe) - In the Kill Process we Put “iexplore” in the Process Name


I am not including .exe @mukeshkala

Is any error coming or its not closing the application

No error. I simply tested the flow by opening the application but the bot did nothing and moved forward which is letting to exceptions. @prasath_S

what is the process name you are giving…

have a look here on killing save and defensive a process:

about the process name which application is to handle?


“SAP Logon for Windows(32 bit)(2) ,chrome”. This is what i saw in task manager so used the same names. @prasath_S .


One alternative Can be using the TaskKill.exe to kill the Process -
Above is to Kill the Outlook.exe



Thank you for this xaml file. I will check and implement this same and will update you.
Application to handle is SAP Logon 750 and a web application (service desk application) in chrome browser. @ppr

Sure. Thank you. I will try this alternative and will update you. @mukeshkala

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is this the expression that you are asking me to use? @ppr

No, I verified for you the different process names. The yellow marks are the process names for sap and chrome which are to be used for the kill process

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You could also do taskkill via PowerShell.

ok. Thank you. Will try this one and other suggested ways here as well. Let me see what works. @Craig_Bannerman

No worries! Never noticed the other recommendation.

But as @mukeshkala recommended, adding the “/f” after the exe name will add an additional force close encase there was any “Are you sure you want to close?” Popups appear.
So I’d recommend ensuring you include the /f

ok. Noted @ Craig_Bannerman

Hi @mannu.1996.08 - did you have any joy? Don’t forget to mark the solution as solved if you did :slight_smile:

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