Kill Process Activity Error For Chrome

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The Kill Process Activity at Times Gives an (System.AggregateException) even tough the Process Name as been defined as chrome
Is there any other way to kill chrome

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Try Close application, and select the property continue on error

Also check Existing activity

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   Actually at Times its not working using Close so I wanted to understand is there some other way to Define Kill Activity For Chrome Process

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@anmita Check this below link,

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Can you try to turn off “Continue running background…” in Chrome settings in advance. Then UseBrowser - Close property and/or Kill activity etc.


Kindly try this .bat file excecute while kill the chrome, it will kill the chrome
Chrome (199 Bytes)

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I still Get the Exception Even if changes are made in Settings

Thanks for Suggestion @Manish540

Thanks @Gokul_Jayakumar will Try this approach

@anmita Sure.
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