Kill Process Activity "Process" Input

Hi everyone,
I need your kind to help me to solve this issue.
I don’t know exactly the data to input into “Process” param
I read some solutions like :slight_smile:
You should input “System.Diagnostics.Process (chrome)” (ex: to kill chrome)
…but the studio don’t accept it.
It will be better if you give an example/demo
Thanks all,

Hi there @LaiLTH,
Using the ‘Kill Process’ activity you can use either:

  • Process Object
  • Process Name

For Chrome, you can simply enter “Chrome” in the ‘Process Name’.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘Get Processes’ activity, which will return a collection of Process objects.
You could then iterate, looking for one containing the term “Chrome”, before referencing it in the ‘Process Object’ parameter of ‘Kill Process’ (for example).



Hi @Mr_JDavey,

Thanks for your recommendation.