Key Vault type Credential Store in Cloud Orchestrator - Asset configuration

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I’m configuring the asset finalized to the credentials retrieve from Azure after completing the creation of Azure Key Vault in the tab “credential store”. I need indications about the required fields “Username” and “password” as shown in the attached screenshot. When I set default values for username and password, the “Get credentials” activity from Studio retrieves those default values and not the ones stored on Azure Key Vault.
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Hi @Enza,
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The Cloud Orchestrator Assets are only for pre-defined data. You can treat them as a read/write data. For this kind of usage you may consider the UiPath Data Service.

Hi Pawel,
I have a secret configured on Microsoft Azure and, in order to retrieve it, I added and set up an Azure Key Vault Credential Store on cloud orchestrator.
In which way can I link it to robot? Is there any specific activity?
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There is a dedicated package for Azure:

which will give you this:

I solved my issue as you suggested: the Azure “Get secrets activity” works for me!
I was able in getting the Azure secret, can you suggest me the way to utilize the retrieved secret to obtain username and password values too? My robots needs to login to a Microsoft account.
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I’m not 100% sure but from what I see this activity returns an array of secrets so you need probably go by each one using for each loop and then one of the property for such item should have something line Value which I guess is the password written inside.