Key not found in dictionary

I can’t seem to get my keys loaded into my dictionary. I have the an assign showing
Out_Config = new Dictionary(of String, object)

This is reading my config file. As it finds the lines I have
out_Config(row(“Name”).ToString.Trim) = row(“Value”)

But when I check for the key value using a message box with
out_Config.keys.Contains("[Name of the key]").ToString

it comes back as false all the time.

Hi @Will_Tyler

use below code check.
out_Config.keys.Contains(“Name of the key”)


Hey @arivu96,

I put in brackets the name to try and differentiate that it wasn’t the value I was looking for. If I don’t use the .ToString I get the following error. Thoughts? key%20error

Hi @Will_Tyler,

use below code if you want to be in message box activity

If you are using If Condition use the below code


I just happened to be working with my dictionary and I see that Keys.Contains doesn’t work, so what I tried was .ToArray and then you can check the indexof


EDIT: add .ToString for messagebox

so you can try that method.


Hi @ClaytonM

Thanks for the reply. I threw what you gave me into the message box and get this error key%20error

This shouldn’t be that difficult. I’ve seen videos of the task being run but I just can’t get it.

Sorry, it’s Keys

Array.IndexOf(out_Config.Keys.ToArray,"System1URL") > -1

Hi @ClaytonM,

given syntax is wrong, dict.Keys.Contains(“keyname”) it will return the true/false based on the value exists.
@ClaytonM correct me if i am wrong

out_Config.Keys.Contains("System1URL") it will work

make sure object is created for dictionary


HI @Will_Tyler,

use this code


Right but for some reason it’s not checking in the keys for a key that contains that text. When I did it, it always was False.

So in my method I convert the Keys to a list/array, which works. Maybe there’s a slight syntax problem as to why the .Contains is not working. :man_shrugging:

Additionally, I could list all the Keys by doing

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