Read config from sql and add to dictionary

Hi,when i tried to read config table from sql and add to a dictionary.But when is tried to use get dictionary item activity it shows key not found,so i tried to see if the data has been added to the dictionary by using output datatable ,the table has been added but still showing key not found error.

may be the key mentioned is not exact to the key which is there in the dicttionary
can i have a view on the expression used where the error occured and the datatable key as well with a screenshot

Cheers @venkatesh28


This is a part of my REFramework project i did the work flow separately to find the problem.But it still shows false when i use key exists in dictionary acitivity.

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Try to do the following step while populating the Config dictionary from the data populated from SQL.

Convert.ToString( row("Value")).Trim.ToLower

Kindly use this directly in MESSAGE BOX activity instead of key exists dictionary activity
Like this

Cheers @venkatesh28

Thank you guys for your reply.I tried both ways but it still shows the error as the key doesnt exist in the dictionary.