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Hi guys, can you help me out? Where can I find my license key for uipath studio ( community version). Thank you in advance !


Welcome to the UIpath Community.

For Community Edition, no need of license key to activate it.

May I know what purpose you want this. And also tell me are you facing any issue here ?

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Dear Ganta, thank you for your answer. My uipath studio states that I need to enter a license key en my email-address to make use of the program (even when using the free edition, or the trial program: I can’t enter Device ID so the only thing what’s left is the license key. So far, I can’t use uipath studio because I do not have the license key.
Can you help me ? Thanks !

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Hi buddy @MarlousAlbers

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I hope you will be having the license key with the mail that you received from uipath for downloading and installing community edition…kindly check once there in the mail
If still any issue persists, kindly revert back, we can solve this buddy
Cheers @MarlousAlbers

Dear @MarlousAlbers,

Welcome to the community!!

You don’t need a license key if you are using community edition. When you double click on the setup file please wait for the activation pop up window to appear. select the first option activate > enter your email id > submit.

That’s all you need to do.

Good Luck!!

Dear all,

Thank you so much! I tried to log in into the community edition but every time I wrote my email address down and clicked on enter, an error-sign came up.

This morning I installed the program again and now it works fine! Thank you so much for your help!

Kind regards,


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I also have an issue, where I need a license key. I am wanting to use the Community version, to see if the program will even work in our environment, but my IT department will not install the software without a license key. Our environment is very complex (hybrid server farm and cloud environment (O365)). I did a test install, on my personal computer, and when I go to the site, it shows I have a license key: ***f669c9, licensed until: 12/05/2021. If I can actually see the full number, it may be enough to appease my IT department.

Thank you,


Welcome to our uipath community.

We can’t see that licence key. Just connect Robot machine with Orchestrator to acquire license from it and there is no need of any separate licence key to activate Uipath studio.

We need licence key for Enterprise Edition of Uipath studio.

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