How to get a community editon 's license key

I intstall the Uipath community editon in a VM , the VM behind a Firewall, and can not connect to internet . it just can open * . after finished the uipath setup and run it . in firest sign in page, I choose “More Options”, and select “Standalone Option” , the it apper Add License Key. But , I haven’t a License key. how to get the community License Key or In my firewall, which url or ports shoud OPen ?

For community edition.license key won’t be provided.

You’ve to connect it through only

Above url should be whitelisted

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If you are using the community edition it supports only online license activation. You can refer the below doc for this. If you have an enterprise license, that can be activated in offline method.

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As mentioned above, one option would be to white list the correct endpoints to sign in via our

Another would be a 60 day access via the Enterprise trial option, which uses the key to activate your Studio.