How Do I Get the (Community edition) Studio License Key?

How can I obtain the License Key for my UIPathStudioCommunity.msi installation?
On a fresh Windows 11 install, today, I downloaded and installed UIPath Studio Community.

When try to sign in using my service url the sign-on screen vanishes and Studio does not start.
When I try to use the standalone option I am prompted for a license key.

  1. What are the exact steps to obtain a studio community edition License Key?


Do you have an account UiPath community cloud Orchestrator ?


Have a view on this doc for complete guidance on how to login studio and also for common errors that we get

Cheers @grosner

@grosner Please follow the below steps

  • Open uipath assistant (search in windows)
  • Click on the icon at the top
  • Choose preferences
  • Click Orchestartor settings
  • Choose Connection type as Service URL from the drop down
  • Service URL as
  • Click sign in

Thank you but none of the answers worked for me.

  1. The document for Signing in to Your Account does not mention installation using UIPathStudioCommunity.msi downloaded from my cloud account.
  2. The procedure provided by @ushu does works, but does not let me start Studio.
  3. I still do not know How to Get the (Community edition) Studio License key which is my original question that was not answered.

I thought I would need a license key to use Studio Community, but after checking back on my older computer and UIPath install:

  • I noticed I use UIPath Studio Community edition WITHOUT SIGNING IN
  • The UI Assistant Preferences also show I am NOT signed in.
  • Note: I do have a cloud account but I do not sign when running workflows. I run them locally.

So, I guess I need to use Studio WITHOUT HAVING TO SIGN IN? Is this still possible? If so how?
Are there any procedures or steps for using UIPath Studio without signing in?

Ultimately, to run UiPath offline I followed this Step-by-Step procedure:

  1. Uninstall UiPath Studio and Win 11 computer.
  2. Log at
  3. Download UiPathStudioCommunity.msi
  4. Install UiPathStudioCommunity.msi using Quick Option for Community Users
  5. Click OK to Setup (browser) Extensions when prompted
  6. Wait for "Completed the UiPath Setup screen, then Launch UiPath Studio
  7. On the Sign In screen, click More Options, then click Standalone Options
  8. Click Community Offline (Use Studio Community without being connected to a UiPath Cloud account.
  9. On the Choose a Profile, click UiPath Studio
  10. At this point UiPath Studio should open.

While this procedure does not answer the initial question (How to I get the (Community edition) Studio License key?), the procedure does enable me to use UiPath locally without a license key.

It would be nice if UiPath would reply to this post with additional information on when and why a license key is needed, and to point out any UiPath documentation that clearly describes the steps to setup UiPath Studio Community for offline use (in case my procedure becomes outdated in the future).

@grosner May I know the issue that you are getting after sign using UiPath assistant

The issue was that UiPath Studio would not open after installation finished.
This seems to have occurred because I did NOT select the Offline option during the install.

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