How to get free licence for UI path Studio

After installing Studio, If I open means its showing as studio x, while iam trying to change in settings from → Licence and Profile its showing as add licence key, Could you pls help for How to generate Free Licence Key for UI Path Studio


For using UiPath Studio you have to use community edition.

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But I have downloaded Community version only


Check this:


Assuming that you are using the Community versions and community cloud, you would require to register for Start Pro Trial, this will get you the licenses required for the Studio.

You would also require to assign the Automation Developer license/role to your username in Orchestrator.


Please go through this document

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this is for Community UI Path Studio Free version only know?


To get the License key from Orchestrator to login to the UiPath Studio.
=> Login to Orchestrator and switch to tenant tab.
=> In Tenant switch to machines tab, In that it will appear one machine that you connected.
=> Click on 3 dots of that machine, a window opens.
=> Click on edit machine, You can see the client ID, copy the client ID.
=> Login to the UiPath Studio application, then you can paste the Client ID to login to Studio.

Check the below link for better understanding.

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