Keep a Chrome webpage OPEN ant end run

I need StudioX to open a page, do some stuff and, then, leave it open at completion so that I may do some more (manual) stuff.

StudioX, however, tends to close the page at the end.

My curent setup is:

  • I keep a portal page open w/ link to the relevant page
  • StudioX clicks link on portal, opens page, does stuff, closes but…
  • leaves page open

This means that i have to always keep portal open which is not ideal.

I have tried “Use application” and then pass the link directly - it closes the page.

I have tried Open new tab (use application, pass newtab chromelink) and then Go to Url. It worked once in a new tab; for the rest of the runs it opened in ew window and closed at the end.

It bugs me because it sould be smth fairly simple: just open a page and leave it open.

Hello Andrei,

Did you used the Use app/browser Activity?
There is a property, like in below screenshot:

You can play with Close or Open properties of that activity.

I hope it helps.


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This solved the issue thanks. Now, however, it opens a new window every time rather than staying in the current window and making a new tab. The documentation suggests to use attach browser rather than use browser. However it is not available in Studio X. Should I uograde?

ignore previous remark. Your solution works.

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