StudioX use new browser window that just opened rather than "Use Application" function

I am trying to use the new window that just opened when a link in the first window is clicked. I do not want to use the Use Application function because this opens another new window on top of the one that was opened when the link in the first window was clicked. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi @kretzk2 ,

we no need to use another use application/browser activity for new window since the new window belongs to same application/browser. use check app state and indicate the unique element in the second window to make sure that we are waiting ideal time to navigate to the second window. please try and let us know. thanks.

Thank you for the response! It looks like this worked, but now every action after the first one that I try to complete in the new window takes me back to the first window. Is this because the URL of the new window is slightly different?

glad to know that it worked. i am not sure about your rest of the statement after performing actions in the second window is it returning back to the first window. Could you share your work flow screenshots if possible to understand better. thanks.

Sure! The “Run Report” step is what opens the new window. The circled step in the image works to maximize the new window. The second step (Click DIV) is not being performed. My automation says the run was successful but is taking me back to the first window and not clicking the target I have indicated in the new window.

Hi @kretzk2 ,

try to indicate the second window on the keyboard shortcut activity. i feel it is targeting the first screen not the second screen thats why it is going back to the first screen i guess. thanks