How to stop web from closing after studiox automation completes?

After completing the studiox automation, the website will be closed automatically and return to the the studiox application. May I know is there a way to stop the web from closing after studiox automation completes?

Hi @ZhaoMing_Kang ,

While using use application/browser activity enable the close option in the properties panel to never so that application will never close after finishing the process. Please refer the below uipath documentation on use application/browser activity. Please try and let us know. Thanks.

Close - Select when to close the target application after the automation executes all the activities added inside this activity: Never (never close the application),

Hi Kirankumar,

Thanks for the help. May I know where to select the ‘Properties’?

Hi @ZhaoMing_Kang,

Please refer to the below screenshot.

Click the Properties Panel which is present in the right side corner, you will be able to see the properties of the Use Browser Activity.
Under the Options section, Select Never in the Close dropdown option.


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