Join DataTable is not Working Properly


Join DataTable is not Working Properly, knowing that all setting are well done.
Please check the attached files and support if possible. ThanksExcel01.xlsx (8.9 KB) Excel02.xlsx (10.2 KB) JoinDataTable.xaml (6.4 KB)

Hi @hsendel

Without columns how will you merge
Use build datatable for excel1 add data row and use merge datatable same for excel2 and last merge with new dt


Hi @hsendel

Unsure whether this is what you want, please see the attached image because I cannot upload file.

This will merge information from dt2 to dt1, and you just write dt1 to the result file.


Hope this is what you after and helpful.

Hi Allenliaw, just to explain more, I want to check values from excel1 dt1, if exists in excel2 dt2 and the result will be saved in result.xlsx date.Thx

In my example I should have the value: 07/05/2019 in dt3.Thx

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Hello @hsendel
1- you didn’t specify the required column in the join wizard to be used for the Inner join operation. JoinWizard
2- Hence, you need to add a Header to your Columns and you refer to this column name in the join wizard.
3- You don’t need the write range as the join wizard has already created the excel file for you. The write range will duplicate the records.
let me know if it worked with you.

Hi Buddy @hsendel

Here you go buddy
its resolved (21.8 KB)
The reason is we have used inner join so both the table must have same value off string but the format of date in dt1 is dd/MM/yyyy while in dt2 is MM/dd/yyyy
so it didn’t get matched


@hsendel one more thing the data in the two excel sheets has nothing in common. I meant 07/05/2019 that you are looking for is not in Excel2. Please correct me if am wrong.
Excel00.xlsx (9.4 KB)

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As usual ,Well done Palaniyappan :slight_smile:

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Cheers @hsendel

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