Compare two csv and find same values from 2 different column

Hi Users ,
Please help me i need to find same values from different csv columns
if match found then i have to search in website url
from above two different csv columns

thanks in advance

Mohini …:slight_smile: happy automation…


Read both of the datas into two datatables dt1 and dt2

then use a join datatable activity with inner join and columns as PayRefID

then you will get output table containing all matched rows

Which can then be looped and used for verifying on the website

Hope this helps


@Anil_G ,
I have used but no data has enter in new excel


Can you show what and how you used it please


In join as inner and column name =column name


Hi @anon87560229

How about the following?
read the two CSV files and store each file in 2 differentes datatables, then create a new result datatable with the following code

(From r In dtInput
Join k In dtValues
On CStr(r("Column1")) Equals CStr(k("Column1"))
Select dtToWrite.Rows.Add({r("Column1"),r("Column2")})).CopyToDataTable

Here is an example
Main.xaml (14.3 KB)


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Hey @anon87560229 ,
Please check this workflow (1.6 KB)


Hi @anon87560229 ,

Could you also show us the Configuration done in the Join Datatables Activity ?

Please share join data table activity screenshot
(Join wizard)


@anon87560229 ,
Yes the configurations are right.
But please make sure the Column Names


Thanks for efforts i tried all the ways so at last i create topic
i think its password protected excel i have given password also dont know the issue

Thanks in advance


Are you getting the input data into datatable first?

If password protected there is option to provide password…please check by runnign in debug if you are getting the data or not


@anon87560229 ,

In that case, Could you Check the values of the dt1 and dt2 datatables in the Debug Panel.

Set a Breakpoint and Check the datatable values using the Immediate Panel.

If possible, provide it screenshots, check if there are any differences between the two columns.

Yes i given password in properties panel and also data is coming


Then can you open datatable in locals panel and see if the data is matching or there are any extra spaces or any special characters in one of the tables


Hi User,
it just Shows adding column values no data is coming correct in both DT
output is like this and matching no are 41521,41525,41528

Please help
Thanks in advance


Can you show what you did in the code or attach here


I have shown everything in this topic
Please refer that I cant share excel file n workflow

Hello, im new in forum but i want to help if ican. Sorry for my poor english.
Can you check datatype of both datatable?
It looks like datas are diferent, one is number and other is number save as text.

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