Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352 randomly appears during process run

Hello everyone,
I’m getting the following exception while running a process:

Message: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352
Exception Type: System.Exception

To have more context:
The process is resolving tickets inside a ticketing tool that runs in Internet Explorer by checking if the email found in every ticket contains any threats (malware).

The process is not using any excel activities.

I checked the memory usage and CPU usage during the process run and the moment when the error occurs and the only spike in load I see is on CPU usage only.

Also, I cannot find any pattern since the error pops up randomly during the process run. The error started appearing randomly without doing some system changes.

Can someone help me out on how to approach this issue? I’m not exactly sure how to proceed because I cannot isolate the fault. If there is any info I can provide let me know. Thank you.

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If it is the continuous flow, then check below

  1. You can check the logs from EventViewer and check any program runs at that time which is blocking the uipath service?

  2. Check the Ram Usage and Memory usage which the process is running

  3. Also ensure that you are maintaining the VM machine at Recommended settings of UiPath

Hope this may help you



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Did any of these thread help your resolve this
We have some comments which has a solution on this

Pls have a view and let us know
Cheers @cherejigheorghe

Hello! Thank you for your response. Aas I said we are not using excel therefore these fixes do not apply to my solution. Have a great day :slight_smile:

Hello! I checked the event log viewer and this is what I found:

I tried using .net repair tool from microsoft’s site but still the error persists


You can notice that the .Net Framework is crashing and due to that UiPath and even office 2016 related application is also crashing

Can you check above the error what applications are starting at that time of the error

Also I suggest logging a ticket to UiPath Technical team if you are an Enterprise user, then they can fetch all your logs and provide you with the solution

Hope this may help you