Job process stuck on pending state

hello, i have a problem with my orchestrator.

currently i have an job to run on windows pc on my lab.
whenever i want to start the process from orchestrator its always geting stuck on pending state.

iam sure my pc has internet connection, and in the uipath assistant there is no sign of error or thing. thanks

as you can see, i running this job in the same PC. but when i play it on uipath assistant just fine.
but with orchestrator is always on pending state


It seems you’re not added the robot account!

Please follow the below steps…

1.Tenant->Manage Access->Select your account->Edit->Robot Setup->Run Foreground automation

provide the following


Win+R → TYPE whoami->copy the code and provide it in Domain/Username

Credential store

Orchestrator Database


Your windows password

Credential type

Windows credentials

Then click on save.




i have error like this, bu i have no idea where is defined account to do the job

Follow the above mentioned steps…

And also make sure that you’re publishing the project to same folder


Hello @Nur_Alif_Irawan

Plz check the below video and xonfigure the jobs. Make sure you have properly connected the robot to the orchestrator and need to allocate the license.

UiPath - How to connect UiPath to Orchestrator|Run Process,Jobs & Triggers|UiPath Licensing