Job opportunities, future scope and salary for Tester in RPA?

Hi, I am having 8+ years experience in manual[6.5+ years] and automation[1.5 years]. I want to switch my career in RPA field. I have few queries:

  1. I have 8+ yrs experience in QA. Is it too late for me to switch now in RPA?
  2. What is the future scope of UiPath for QA/tester?
  3. What is role for tester in RPA? Which certification should a tester should do to jump in RPA field?
  4. Which RPA role is suitable for a tester? I read there are BA, developer an other roles in RPA.
  5. What would be the salary expectation/range one should expect after certification/training?
    Can someone guide me by answering these questions?

My suggestion is you have the Uipath Certification as RPA Developer Advanced.

As you know Business process (Quality Assurance ?), then you can become a big RPA Professional which know Development + Business.

Abou salary, it depends what you want to your life, having knowledge and experience better salaries will come naturally.

To sum up: focus on certification first to understand the RPA Development process, Business you already have.

Good luck buddy

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Thanks a lot for your answer!