Rpa Testing jobs openings

Hi team,.Please clarify my query .I Have around 5 years It experience in Manual testing .My role is senior QA engineer.I am from non technical background EEE student .I have no idea on coding part .So I decided now to learn RPA with Uipath tool.Instead of learning Automation tool like Selenium with any programming language .So,please let me know I have seen in market nowadays more openings for RPA developer in many IT organizations,likewise Is there any openings for RPA testers also.Please let me know if i choose uipath instead of going to Selenium.Is this the correct path for my career for my skills.


In my personal view, for RPA development you should have some programming skills.

RPA testers limited openings only.

You better learn selenium with Java(preferred since open source) or c# and work on it to get some programming skills, side by side you can learn UiPath as well.

I am seeing people who are all not having programming background struggling in RPA technology side.

Hi, yes , you are correct as RPA is a booming technology and careers also good with RPA

If you need to survive in RPA , you need at least basics of any programming language especially for Uipath , having vb.net knowledge is good
And it’s easy to learn

RPA testing jobs , you won’t find much as this role itself got very limited scope as RPA developers itself handles the testing , and also UAT

RPA support is the one team , who handles production issues and small small enhancements of the existing production processes

So you can try as RPA support first , later can turn into RPA Dev

Hi sarathi,

Thank you so much for the reply .As you said Selenium technology completely based on programming language java which I started learning but taking too much long time to learn.As of now to change platform I thought to choose uipath.So,please let me know If I learn UIpath and start jobs searching will this effect to my previous Manual Testing experience.


You can give a try with RPA openings, but learn java or vb.net or any programming language to survive with RPA and also in the industry.

Sure .thank you sarathi.

Sure.Thank you Vinay.