Job is getting failed with reason there is not enough space on the disk

Hi my scheduled job is getting faulted with reason

  • Info: There is not enough space on the disk.

The other scheduled jobs with different processes assigned to the same robot is executing properly.

Can any one point me what could be wrong ?
The process is very small and nuget package size is around 76 kb.
And it works as expected in my local system.


I guess based on explanation that you’re downloading something and storing it in that place but that place does not have sufficient storage to store your file… that may be case…

Can you attach screenshot of error?

Hi Pankaj,

The process is not for uploading / downloading anything.
It is not even getting initialized. While robot is picking up the process as per schedule it is failing with the error not enough space.

Did you check the disk space on the server where it’s running?

The package for the process itself isn’t all it’s installing when it initializes, by the way. It also has to install the dependency packages, they aren’t bundled into the process nuget. This is probably where it’s running out of disk space, some of the dependency packages can be pretty large.

Thanks Paul,

it was related to production having less disk space, sorted out now.

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