Jira selector

I am stuck on a few issues with JIRA, specifically the ‘Description’ field on the ‘new issue’ form. Seems to be some iframes inside the form and changes dynamically every time I log in. Anchor base doesn’t work and I have been troubleshooting longer than I am comfortable to admit.

The below worked one-time and stopped next time I ran the file:



What error are you getting ?

That’s kind of the problem too. My cursor will enter the form field, not enter any text, and then continue on down the form…

Not sure if my tags are incorrect in the editor screenshot. I have used wildcards, used partial selectors, full selectors, and nothing seems to work.

I think I am missing something easy because I just started using Uipath 2 weeks ago

see below comment and also new screenshot I took of the form and the inspection: