JIRA Cloud> HTTP Request with proxy

Hi @pushkar.singh

Did you pass the right set of input arguments? because I see no response has come and it did not fail as well

strProxyIpAddressAndPort is in the form: IpAddress:PortNumber e.g.
strURL is the API endpoint
strURL, strIPAddressAndPort, strProxyUsername, strProxyPassword, strSimpleAuthUsername, strSimpleAuthPassword are In Arguments
webRes and strHtml are Out Arguments

Did you pas IP Address or the end point url?

Also you can check if a different encoding is working for you like utf-8 or etc


Finally, it worked.
Argument name was misspelled. Thank you @Anil_G

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Hi @pushkar.singh

Very happy to know that. Can you please mark the solution so that others also can get help on this.

Happy automation


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