Httprequest through proxy

I encountered the error code 407 when using http request. The error code is the proxy server authentication.

I am using uipath 21.4.x and i follow the instruction below and still unable to get the access authenticated

i have even add the following the following to the uipath.config file. But the http request still get the error 407.

The http request setup is correct when i tested with another internet connection without proxy. can someone help?

in the particular artile also mentioned this. but it doesnt mentioned what is the name to be used when adding the environment variable

Windows Credentials Proxy Authentication

Starting with v2021.4.4, the Robot can work with proxy configurations that use Authentication via Windows Credentials. To enable this functionality, add the UIPATH_PROXY_USE_DEFAULT_CREDENTIALS system environment variable on the machine. For this environment variable, any value can be used.