Http request post api via proxy in Intranet

Hi All, Please give me some suggestions.

I use Studio(2021.4) in my company intranet to send extranet post web API( UiPath.WebAPI.Activities 1.7.0) via proxy server.
I put “Proxy-Authorization” in Headers with Basic Authentication(Base64 encode username and password), and set other post data in parameters.
And it looks good when in Http Request Wizard with preview mode. This means that I can get the correct response.
But after I save the Http Request Wizard setting, and click run. It throws 407 Proxy Authentication Required error.
i don’t know why, please help.


Welcome to uipath forum

I would recommend to try once in postman application especially for api with all the headers and parameters and it will give in details the solution and the error as well
Then we can replicate the same with UiPath activity

For now pls share the screenshot of the error we get


Hi @Palaniyappan , thanks for your reply.
I do the same setting with postman, and I also get the expected result.

Also another funny thing, I don’t supply the “Proxy-Authorization” in postman, it works too.

The screenshot below is Http Request Wizard setting, and the preview result is expected.

But when I run workflow, I feel puzzled at its reply.

Hi, did you get any suggestions for this. I am facing a similar issue