Jira API connector challenges with radiobutton values and with resolution set


We’re using the Jira API connector v6.1.0, in modern C# project. We have two challenges, first is fields which are non-numeric or non-text type such as radio buttons, we cannot retrive the variable correctly. So the variable is seen correctly in Studio but we cannot get the value of the radiobutton correctly.

As an example we have radiobutton with 4 values in Jira:

When referring to the Variable in Studio to paste the value in excel sheet:

VariableRadiobutton.Value it says there’s no value and crashes during excecution


VariableRadiobutton.AsText we’ll get following text string: System.Func`1[System.String]

So obviously there’s some programming needed to get the value itself visible, but what it would be? :slightly_smiling_face:

Other challenge seems to be more of a Bug. We have status as resolved and then separate field for Resolution as per Jira standard. I’m seeing the Resolution field with Update issue activity and also the values are correct. But when i’ve selected the desired resolution field and try to run the file the response is that it’s not a valid value. Thing is that it’s standard Jira field and the options are behind dropdown in Studio so there’s no option to me to do the update issue differently.

Has anyone else experienced, and perhaps solved these issues?

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Hi @Palosuo_Antti , for the first problem, can you share a screenshot of the error and how the radio buttons render on workflow canvas.

For your second problem, are you using Update Issue activity?
If yes, can you please try using the Update Issue Status activity and let us know if you face the same issue?

Also, we will have a new experience coming soon for Update Issue Status where based on the Issue key and new status, the necessary fields would surface.


For the topic 2 yes i’m using update issue status activity. So status is updated correctly to resolved, but issue resolution field is not changed. When i run the resolution field with update issue activity it refuses to update the field. But this new Update issue Status including the resolution seems more promising and i have to admit also built the same way that in Jira that when status is set to resolved also the resolution is set. I’ll send a screenshots of the radiobutton issue bit later. Any estimate when the new experience is to be launched?

@Palosuo_Antti We expect to ship it by end of July