JDBC Connection with UiPath

Hello All,

I have a thin Oracle SQL developer and want to execute a query using UiPath. The client has provided me with the JDBC connection string. I need assistance on how to connect JDBC with UiPath.



I haven’t actually connected to JDBC from UiPath.

However upon seeing your query I found a relevant thread in our forum that is solved as well, please go through the same you may able to find a solution

Hope this helps you out


we recommend to share with us the information which Database Product (Vendor, Product & Version) is to handle

Hello @ppr ,

It’s Oracle SQL Developer version 18.4.0376.1900

I went through it, however. I didn’t find any concrete solution around it.

Okay, Will let you know if I come across something else.

Is the Client / Management Tool, but looks like you want to connect to an Oracle database

In such a case you can:

  • download the Oracle Connectivty Artifacts (e.g. Oracle Instant Client)
  • configure an ODBC Connection and use it e.g. for

The client provided me the JDBC connection string to connect with the database.

As long as it is not explicitly defined, you should be able to choose what is technically recommended.

Also you can use the information from the JDBC String when setting up an alternate connection approach, why not?

I can try; however, it’s a thin client, so the database isn’t installed on my machine. We need to access the database through the web (manually if not using DB activities). Could you please guide me on how to set up ODBC in this scenario?

We dont want to regulate your learnings & researching as we want to respect your learner type. But have quick research here in the forum and on oracle related resources. So it will help you to get a base understanding


  1. You dont need the db to be installed on your system…but you need a driver for it…
  2. it can be any driver as @ppr mentioned info from jdbc connection string can be used in odbc as well
  3. First confirm if a jdbc driver is installed on your system only then you can connect

for connection details you can check here