Oracle SQL Developer connection with UiPath


Hi Everyone, I’m unable to connect Oracle sql developer with UiPath. I have installed ODBC driver, please help me with further steps and connection string.



Please follow the below steps to auto generate connection string with Oracle SQL

  1. Drag Execute Query activity from Activities panel.
  2. Click on Configure Connection
  3. Click on Connection Wizard
  4. Select Microsoft ODBC Data Source
  5. Select Use Connection String in line to Build
  6. Click on Build
  7. Check if your ODBC drive is available in Machine Data Source

Automatically your connection string is created in Connection Properties Box under Use Connection String. In between there would be a prompt for User Name and Password.
You can also test the connection after being created.

This is how I had created a connection string in my process. Try at your end too.



Thank you for the reply @Ashish32229,

I’m uploading two screenshots plz go through them. Bulk is the data source I created and while creating I didn’t gave any username and password, so what I need to do


2 image shows Login Id and password to be entered?

Please enter and move ahead… else you can enter the same in Connection Properties… Login Information…


I have tried with database username, password and my system username, password. But it’s not working.



Is your ODBC Data Source added correctly…

Please check the same in ODBC Data Source Administrator from Start Menu…


Test data source is not succeeded.test


Please add your ODBC driver correctly and then try as it should work with above steps…


Ok Ashish. Thank you so much