Java Extension not installed properly

I receive below error while installing java extension in cmd prompt with admin rights.

Error #4:Installation failed.


Try as below for your reference

Hope this may help you


I tried that steps also In cmd prompt I am not receiving any response. If it is installed we receive any message in cmd prompt?

Hi @BNK, I think it depends on the installer version, more probably, you won’t get a “successful installed” message from the tools ran in the command line. However, if you are not installing directly to a path (ScreenScrapeSupport.exe /help for more info) the installer tries to add the extension to all the JRE registered in some registry keys, even if they are not on the system anymore. To confirm the extension has successfully been added to the JRE you want, navigate inside that JRE and be sure the 3 next conditions are true:

  1. Inside bin folder there is a .dll file with the name UiPathJavaBridgeV8.dll (or _x64)
  2. Inside lib folder there is a file called that contains a line similar to assistive_technologies=UiPath.UiPathBridge
  3. Inside lib\ext folder there is a file called UiPathBridge.jar.

@vlad.coteanu In comment prompt I received below response .

Error #4:Installation failed

What version of UiPathStudio are you using?

@vlad.coteanu Uipath studio 2020.10.2-beta.4 Enterprise license

Can you extract some logs by following these steps:

  1. Download DebugView: DebugView - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs
  2. Add an environment variable called UIPATH_LOG_LEVEL with the value VERBOSE
  3. Open debug view and run the installer again
  4. Save the logs in a text file.

Number 4 means only that the installation failed, so it doesn’t says much.