UIpath java extension Issue (Urgent)

Dear Experts,

Though i have installed the Java extension, Each time it ask for “Install the Java support files?”

I have tried many times and i didnt get any errors while the installation.But when i try to find the selector for click activity, I selects the whole screen and through out the same Pop up.

Please help solve this issue ASAP.

Suresh Kumar S

Below mentioned is the message copied from the Pop up message.


We detected that you are trying to capture in a Java window that uses a custom JRE.

Would you like to install the Java support files?

IMPORTANT: before installing you have to close the Java application!

Yes No

UIPath Version:2018.4
Java Version : Java7.1.71


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@9942055603 Java extension is not installed in your machine so after java installation restart machine and try

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@9942055603 Can you specify for which application you are trying to automate

@9942055603 Have you installed java for your machine?

Yes, Java Version 7.1.71

was it resolved ? please let me know the solutio

was it resolved ? please let me know the solution


I am facing same issue
Did u get any solution for it…?

Not yet friends…


Anyone solve that issue? I face the same :sob:

Standard troubleshooting steps are written here.

If you are still having issues after following this document and you have purchased a license, please contact technical support.

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