Java Elements not being recognized sometimes

Hi Guys,

I am having problem with Studio [Find element Activity], Sometimes unable to identify elements in Java based application. it works sometimes & doesn’t work sometimes.

I don’t understand what is wrong with it. I have installed Java plugin from Studio. i have verified that it is installed properly.

Studio version 18.4.4

Not sure about the issue you are addressing, but retry installing the pluggin again @achyuth_sai

I did retired thrice now. Not fixing my problem.


It should work actually. If possible could you please update Uipath studio to the latest version 2019.4.4 and then try once.

Sorry, can’t update the version. Its licensed. Any other alternative.??

Hi @achyuth_sai - Please install java in your system and set the enviroment variables . It will resolve this issue.


Thanks Anmol, Java is already installed, i will look into Environment variables.

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Sure if you need any help with respect to environment variables let me know.

Can you help me with Env Variables?

Here is the link. Follow the process.