Java application not responding during automation

I am working on a Java application automation with Studio 2020.10.2, however the app always crash(not responding) during the robot run, it just crash at some point but different for each run.
Also, it is totally fine to do the same process manually, does anyone has the same problem?


If it crashes it will throw some popup right?
Try using parallel Activity and check for the popup


nothing will popup, the application just freeze and the ui become whiter.

Okay so you can manually close the app right ? Do that keep element exit and selector as the application window if the window closed reopen the application and continue the process

You can try this if the process will run as attended one


Hi @CTC ,

Does the Application Crash and Close by itself or does it Freeze infinitely unless there is manual intervention ?

Also, Could you be able to find out after What Activity does this Occur ? And also maybe explain what is the Process Step at that point of time ?

yes, it freeze forever until I click the window manually, then it shows “not responding” and fade whiter which I need to close it manually too.

and it seems no particular activity trigger this problem, but most likely to happen when “element exists” searching element which will appear after some action is done(e.g. after pressed “submit”, then looking for the “success” label before timeout reached).

@CTC ,

I did too have a similar problem where both the SAP Application and the Robot will be in a Hung State, when Checking if a File is Uploaded into SAP using Element Exists Activity.

We later found out that the reason was due to a Popup from Excel to Update Links in Excel. We later did handle it using UI Activity to Click on the Update Button on the Popup.

The SAP Application waits for the file to be Uploaded, but it is not fully Completed. Hence, when UiPath Robot tries to access the UI Elements of SAP when reached Element Exists Activity, It doesn’t respond and ultimately freezes.

The Case maybe similar in your Java Application as well. Maybe you can try Checking on the below :

  1. If a file or data is to be Uploaded in Application, Check if there are any additional popups.

  2. If there are no Popups, try providing a sufficient delay after Submit, then Perform the Element Exists and Check.

Hi @CTC ,

Is it the same behavior if you upgrade the UiAutomation.Activities package to 21.10?

thanks for everyone reply, I think I figured out what’s going on and the problem seem solved.

the causes should be I used a “element exists” with certain timeout to search for success message on the screen while user doing some action with the com port device(presenting card to card reader in this case), and it somehow produces conflict and crash the application. :sweat_smile:

my solution is to nest the element exists(with 1ms timeout) and a delay(1s) with a while loop(to check timeout) to avoid com port event and element exist happen at the same time.

again, thank you everyone.

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