Oracle EBS application stops responding while Robot is executing Process

Oracle EBS application stops responding while Robot is executing the Process. In different situations, application go to Not Responding and crashes. In each of the case, application needs to be forcibly closed and re-run the BOT again. This is the exception which cannot be handle from the Code.
We are automating this application in many of our processes, but this issue is with one particular process.
Can somebody please help if facing the same issue ? @Forum_Staff @uipath

  • Please not we cannot share the code or any screenshot as this will against the GDPR policy.

Hi @surabhi.tak

Any chance you could specify the different situations that are causing the crash? You mentioned that the application has issues only in one particular process, which might mean that a specific set of actions is causing the issue.

Hi Maciej,

There is no any different thing we are using in this process. Mostly click and type into activities have been used.

And there are particular steps like, creating account in Oracle EBS, Booking Order in Oracle EBS, Entering line items. Mostly it hang and give not responding issues here.

Any help would be appreciable.

Would you be able to share your version of Studio and the corresponding activity packages that you are using in your project (especially the UIAutomation package)?

Does updating the packages to the latest versions help you remedy the issue?

Does the same will continue happening on a completely fresh, new project with latest activity packages?