Java Access Bridge issue (Custom JRE)

Scenario : Installed UIPath on the desktop that has a Java application that uses a custom JRE (32 bit)

  1. Verified that the UIPathJavaBridgeV8.DLL
  2. Verifed the Accessibility properties
  3. Verified that the UIPathJabaBrideV8.dll is located in the custom JRE\bin folder
  4. Verfied that the UIPathV8.jar file is located in the custom JR\lib folder

Yet, when we try to access the Java application, we are getting the message that application is trying to access an app that has a custom JRE. It then requests to shut the application, and reinstall the extension.
When we try this, it fails to copy the dll file, and the only option is to shut down the custom app to complete the installation.
Once this is done, and the app is brought up again … the cycle repeats.

It seems as if UIPath does not recognize the JavaBridge is installed,and when it tries to install it, finds it in use or something to that effect.

Any help ?

Hi srebeiro,

I also have a the similar issue.
Did you find any solution to this ?

Thank for your help

No - Unfortunately not. In our case, it seems to be JRE version 1.4 which is not supported by UI Path (I think)


Hi, we are facing the same problem.
Any solution?4bba44f8-5579-4eae-9677-5e80dcbe0982-attachments-javaError

I once fixed this by reinstalling the Java handler directly from the MSI installer
Could you give it a try?

Is there any update on this issue?

Hi @spattanayak51

What version of Studio are you using (version and type: community or enterprise)?

I would suggest reinstalling the java bridge directly from the installer.

By Default, the Java Bridge is not enabled when installed, so it may be that you need to enable it.

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I’m using the community edition on a server, and I don’t have the option “Enable Java Access Bridge”, do you know other way to activate it?
I think that I did all the steps to install java bridge (java extension, see if javabridge.dll is in the path of jre of the app, etc), but the error message continues.
If you can help me I appreciate.
thanks in advance

Same issue here with an app that uses a custom JRE.
Any update?