Java Access Bridge Confusion

Can UIPath use the standard Java Access Bridge distributed by Oracle? I ask because several cases I find instructions to use the tool, “ScreenScrapeJavaSupport.exe” to install Java Bridge for UIPath but this utility references several components not provided in the standard install.

Furthermore, is there a licensing component required for the use of the UIPath libraries (DLLs)?

I would like to get away with the standard version.

Hi @ceinj ,

The Java extension UiPath provides should be fully available for the standard version, and I am pretty sure all the components used are in the standard install.

For me, the files used by the extension are inside: UiPathInstallationFolder\app-21.4.4\UiPath\JavaSupport. ScreenScrapeJavaSupport.exe refer to these files:

The purpose of a bridge is to establish a connection between any java app and a certain .dll, therefore, the standard one from Oracle is not suitable for the UiPath Java Extension.

I don’t understand the question regarding a licensing component, probably for your own purpose is ok, but I would confirm that with the legal department of UiPath.