It's not possible to download the Explorer Expert tool

Hello, I’m trying to download this tool but I don’t see a button or a form to fill in.

There should be a form you can fill in. Please try another browser
Just tested. The form is available on:
Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer.

Can you confirm this url?: Download UiPath Task Capture | UiPath

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In Chrome it worked, but in firefox not. I think my security settings in firefox are the problem.
Thank you for helping out

No problem and you’re welcome!

just for your information. UiPath just released a new version. The only thing that is not available in this version is the export to UiPath studio.
But in case you want to try and need some extra information regarding manuals you can try this one: Task Capture 20.11 Public Preview Release

One more thing about 20.11 version → the export to UiPath Studio is not available only in case when you open XAML file :slight_smile: but if you just create a process from scratch using Create Diagram or Capture Process option then you’ll be able to export to Studio :wink: