Its not an issue just need your suggestion i have recently started learning

its not an issue just need your suggestion i have recently joined and working on POC
just wanted to know how can i become an expert in uipath
i have very little understanding of coding
where i can learn about in depth orchestrator
Linq query , action center and all

Hi @manoj_verma1

first of all complete all academy videos from

then there are couple of you tube tutorials for lin1, orch , action center
please go through that

Hope this helps you

Hi @manoj_verma1

You can check the UiPath academy courses as well for reference

@nikhil.girish @NIVED_NAMBIAR have completed all academy about developer and advance developer

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You can check youtube for advance learning and all which are suggested by @nikhil.girish

But certain courses will be updated in academy which u can check too :slight_smile:


how can become expert in excel related automation i feel hesitate and can not thing how to take excel automation what thing require to learn for that @NIVED_NAMBIAR @nikhil.girish

Hi @manoj_verma1

practice some samples on your own and watch some tutorials which are available in you tube

you will then automatically be familiar with excel automation

hope this helps u

To be good excel automation be good in utilizing these with uipath

  1. Excel formulas

  2. VBA

  3. Linq queries

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