How to iterate the row in browser?

Hi Everyone,
i want to iterate the rows and click each row of particular thing like below image i want to click "show ".

how to do that?

thanks in advance

Hi @krishnareddy
Follow the following steps.

  • Scrape the all data using Data Scrapping.
  • The data will be stored in Data-table Variable Lets say ExtractDatatable.
  • Use For Each Row and give the outout of Scrapping to For each row.
  • Get the Item Using row(YourRequiredColumnName).
  • Use Click Activity and make selector as dynamic Using the variables. there will be changes in the Selectors according to it make the selectors dynamic.
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Hi @jitendra_123 thanks for ur response.
Here what i have to use inside the For Each…to get the item and wr i have to change selectors?
thanks & regards

Can you show me the selectors of the multiple elements using UIExplorer.


what i have to use inside the For Each

Hi @krishnareddy

Try to use Find Children Activity where all the elements in table will be stored in List
and then use For each and Loop through each and every element

A Manohar


Can you please share the selectors for the 3 shows in first 3 rows in the table?

Because I think you can use the count as variable in place of index idx = ’ " + count +" ’ and iterate through each row.

Can you show the selectors of another rows show. if the only Idx is changing then in for each row use Click activity and create a counter with Default value 1 and use this counter in place of 1 of index in the selector of click activity. after that Increase the counter by 1 so it will change the value according to our loop so you have to increase counter as Counter = counter+1.



Just before the click activity. Initialize Count as variable with default value “1” and type “int”.

Then use while activity with condition “count < finalcount” final count should be the max number of rows present on a single webpage.

And after all the things are done. Use assign activity as count = count + 1

Please try. This should work.

And if you don’t have the finalCount or the final count is dynamic Then, you can data scrape the table, which will give you datatable[ExtractedDataTable] variable.

Then use assign activity as given below:

finalCount(Type “Integer”) = ExtractedDataTable.Rows.Count


As I said earlier Use Counter in Index of the Selector and remove the Tag from selectors.

Not Working…


Use While activity.

This will work. I have done the same process using While.

@AryanSingh Where Should i Create finalCount Var


U can use assign then directly use it like this. [Create finalCount before the while just after scraping the Datatable]

finalCount = ExtractDataTable.Rows.Count

Then use condition in the while activity like count <= finalCount

It should work.


What error you are getting?


it stay in running mode only no error coming.