Uipath activites searchbar stops working

Hi there

I am having problems with my UiPath V. 2018.4.2 enterprise edition.
I often loose the ability to either type, delete or search in my activities. (Cant even see written text in field OR see the “delete text button X”)

I have tried to re-install UiPath, restarting pc + citrix enviroment. sadly I see no changes, and I have not found it to be triggered by anything specifics…

Please help if anyone have found the solution for this.

can you update you Studio?

Your best bet here is to open a support ticket with this, they can help you better since this is a studio problem and not a project and activities one… But i would talk also with your IT cause the newest version of Enterprise is so much better, you will be very happy to work with it.

Sadly not atm.

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