Issues with terminal emulation


Has anyone else noticed issues with terminal emulation in the latest version of UIPath studio?

My connection string is: “{‘AttachExisting’:false, ‘ConnectionType’:2, ‘EhllBasicMode’:false, ‘EhllDll’:‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Quick3270 Secure\ehlapi32.dll’, ‘EhllEnhanced’:false, ‘EhllFunction’:‘hllapi’, ‘EhllSession’:‘A’, ‘Host’:null, ‘Mode’:1, ‘Port’:23, ‘Profile’:null, ‘ProviderType’:4, ‘ShowTerminal’:true, ‘TerminalType’:0}”

I am getting a terminal timeout when I try and connect in both version 2018.3.3, and 2018.4.1. The connection works perfectly in 2018.3.2.


Hi @KatHowlett,

Unfortunately I’m in a “Works For Me” state on this one, and using Quick3270 with EHLL exactly in my test.
Here’s the proof, using 2018.4.1 Dark Theme as a “hint”:

By any chance, is Short Session ID the same (in my case “A”) between:
Terminal Emulator:

And Terminal Session activity (I can see from connection string, in UiPath it’s set to “A”.

Also, could you tell me Terminal Activities Package version?
Here’s mine: