Studio can not attach itself to terminal session EHLLAPI

Hello everybody,
I have a problem with Uipath Studio and terminal activities.
Up until friday the automation with EHL Terminal (using ehl dll) worked flawless.

Since friday morning, when trying to attach a terminal session, the studio just hangs… Not even the timeout works (to stop the execution)
Also, on the vm Uipath Explorer does not retrive anything when clicking inside the already opened terminal session. (on other apps it fetches the selectors ok)
Do you have any ideas what i can do about this?
Thank you

Hi @Alexandru_Bene,

Welcome to the Community :smiley:

There might be delay in response from the server side. Please check if you are able to connect session manually without any slowness and let us know if it is not server side issue.


Manually it works flawless…
Thank you Vivek

Salut Alexandru.
Can you tell me which Terminal Emulator you use (also version)?
Also, any change in terms of Group Policies or Antivirus Solutions lately?

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Salut Cornel,
Personal Communications iSeries Access Windows. version 5.9
No modifications in GP or AV.
Thank you,

System.Exception: Error attaching to session
at UiPath.Terminal.Generic.EHLLApi.EhllTerminal.InitializeEhll(ConnectionData connectionData)

In the meantime, i tried opening the studio as Administrator and the terminal seems to be attaching ok. Thank you for the Group policy idea.


Cu placere, Alex.

I forgot that maybe the first test to run should be “Run as Admin” and then shrug about exact ways to find out what restrictions would hinder UiPath processes. :smile: I know McAffee is one common offender if left on defaults, other things vary wildly.

I am able to continue development in the current situation but the terminal attachment behavior is inconsistent. After some sequencial terminal attachments ( i dettach while performing other, unrleated activities), the Studio cannot attach itself to the terminal anymore. Do you have any suggestions on this matter?
Thanks in advance

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Try to save and reuse the initial connection like here:

There are also pointers and sample about managing unstable Terminal Connections here: