Issues saving attachments from mail message

I am trying to save attachments from emails in Office365Message format. The attachment is an outlook item (.msg?) file, an email with an excel file inside it, and I am unable to use the “Save Attachments” activity.

The error I am seeing is “Save Attachments: Access to the path XXXXX is denied”. I know that isn’t the case, because in the next sequence the bot manages to save an excel attachment in the same folder, however this file is the only attachment on that email (it isn’t embedded in another email).

Ideally the excel file in the embedded email would not be embedded, but this is how the data is sent to the bot and there is no other way of doing it. I cannot save the mail message either and extract if that way.

I have also tried converting the OFfice365Message to MailMessage as it did work when the email was a MailMessage, however the emails have to be extracted as Office365Messages



You need to use download email attachments activity…you would find under office365


Is that the only option? I’d prefer not to use built in Outlook activities if possible at all as they can be flaky and unreliable.