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Hello everyone,
I am currently working in an automation where I need to save the emails as .eml or .msg
It’s mandatory to use the Microsoft Office 365 Scope and read the emails with a Get Mail Message activity.
I’ve already read some similar posts, but it seems no one has been able to solved it.

I have tried using the normal “Save Mail Message” from UiPath.Mail.Activities, but I have two results, depending on the extension I choose.

If the item is saved as .eml, I get a faulty email only with the header and subject

And if saved as .msg I get this message when trying to open the message.


Hello @GersonTun - Did you try with Save Outlook Mail Message Activity


Thanks @ushu , but for using that activity I must use desktop Outlook application which I am not. I am only using the Microsoft Office 365 Activities.


Originally I misread this as attachments. :slight_smile: Are there any special characters in the email you are trying to save? That has caused issues for me when trying to save mail message. but I would think that would cause an issue more similar to what you’re seeing in your scenario when trying to save as .msg.

Not really, those emails do not have special chars.

For the record in case someone faces the same issue.

  1. Update your UiPath.Mail activities.
  2. When you get the mail, it’s mandatory to read as HTML

Then you can use the “Save mail message” activity as usual.
It only works for .eml messages.


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