Issues Connecting UiPath Studio to Automation Cloud

Hi. The learning instructions state that we should " Sign into Automation Cloud from Studio" I am signed into Automation Cloud, and I am able to use StudioX, but it seems these two things are not connected. When I tried to run the Hello World exercise, I did not see that I was connected to Orchestrator when I clicked publish.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @jennifer.barber,

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Can you check on the top right corner of Studio to see if you’re signed in using the same profile.

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Thanks for responding! I am logged in using the same profile it would appear. I think it might have something to do with my license? In my Automation Cloud, it looks like I have “Community Plan” where with my StudioX I may have some sort of a trial license?

Could that be part of the problem?

Hello @jennifer.barber

Your StudioX should be able to use the Community license on your Automation Cloud account.
How does your avatar icon look like on the title bar of your StudioX instance, case 1 or case 2?

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