Issue with User Accounts in 21.10

Can someone help me understand the below situation?

We have setup Orchestrator 21.10 On-Premise with Active Directory integrated. When I try to create a local user with random Username : TestUser and provide my actual mail id, my username is getting converted to AD user. I cannot create a dummy local user with my actual email id. We are facing the same issue with one of our clients as well.

If you can see the image below, the username I have provided and username getting created in totally different. Does this mean I cannot create a local user with my actual email ID if AD is integrated?




I tried to replicate it with community version
But I face a different scenario

I would like to suggest to connect with technical support team being on premise orch

Cheers @JithinKP

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Hi @Palaniyappan - I have contacted technical support already for the client issue. I was able to replicate the issue in our environment as well. Posted it here incase if anyone has faced this before so that we can understand why this is happening. It’s occurring randomly and not with every users. :confused: