Issue with unattended bot timeout

Hi all,

I’m having an issue connecting our bots to Orchestrator. Normally, the bots are simply run on the local machine manually - however, we’re now trying to get them connected to orchestrator (so I don’t have to be manually starting/watching the bots run). However, whilst I have managed to link the machine/Assistant to orchestrator, bots fail when attempting to run in the background.

If I start a bot in orchestrator (with my remote connection to our local server connected) then the bots run normally. However, the issue comes when I am not remotely connected to the server (with remote desktop connection). At this point the bots will run if there is no on screen interaction (i.e. a simply bot can make log entries and send emails in the background), but it fails to interact with anything on screen.

Probably something fairly simply, but I am very new to orchestrator so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

@adam.williamson - Are you using Community / Enterprise Edition Orchestrator?

community edition

Are unattended bots unavailable with the community plan? Just a little confused as Orchestrator has allowed me to set up an unattended bot (which does run in the background as long as there is no on-screen interaction), and the licenses page shows an unattended runtime license? Thanks :slight_smile: