Type Into Removes Value on its own

The standard Type Into activity within UiPath that has to be used within an app/browser scope will randomly switch to secured text for all of my type into activities, then I will have to manually switch back to standard, or worst it will delete my text all together. Its gotten to the point it happens so often I add the entered text in my annotations so that I can copy it again as a work around. Not only on my computer but my friend is having the same issue. It will sometimes do that for every type into in the sequence

Check project settings.

what should I look for in the project settings?

Hi @Jermane_Mack1 ,

Could you maybe able to replicate this issue? Does this happen every time?

Also could you provide us the Studio and Dependency versions used.

We are using windows dependecies:
system.activities 22.10.4
UiPath version 2022.12.0

The problem is intermittent it does not happen all the time.
It is not an execution error, it is a UiPath activity error which will switch the type into to the secured bubble even though I had it set to standard

This seems to be a bug indeed, reproductible in certain situations. Can you offer more information regarding the automated application? Is it public, something we can test?


Hi Jermaine. Running into the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?