Issue with the task scheduler

When my project is being triggered manually through a .bat file, the code seems to be running without any error but if the same .bat file is triggered through the task scheduler, only partial code is being executed.

summary of the exception is that: “the process has timed out.”(which btw never occurs when manually triggered)

Hi @Prajwal_manvi,
Is your user account logged in when task is beeing started by task scheduler?

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Yes, it is. I am sitting in front of the screen to check its reaction.

Hmmm to be honest UiPath does not support task scheduler.
Anyway the only thing which comes through my mind is that you task scheduler need to be set to be run by your user account instead of system:
In the covered area you need to click button on the right side and choose your username. And keep other things marked as on my screen.

hey @Pablito I’m aware of this and these settings have been configured as well. The issue arises only with mail activities ,namely sending the mail and downloading the unread mails. Only if there was a logical explanition why.

Which mail activities do you use? If those related to Outlook then you need to remember that Outlook needs to be opened before.

Hey @Pablito, funny thing, i believed the same but it so happens that the task actually runs when the outlook application is closed.

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Maybe you have the service which is running in the background?

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