Get outlook mail message timeout exceeded


When I the run process through Studio and when i publish package and run it through robot tray, the process works well and when i run through through batch file pointing to the Nuget package, it stops and in the execution log it throws error as Activity timeout exceeded.
So is there anything i should change with outlook settings? Please help me.


did you check outlook configuration??
and try updating your packages once!

running like that is not supported, so…

Hi @Pradeep_Shiv

If it runs well through studio and uiRobot tray, i guess, then there is no issue in the configuration.It is already updated to the latest version.

Hi @bcorrea

Actually we need the process to be run every few minutes, so we need to schedule it through task scheduler. Is there any other way to run it multiple times?

it is called orchestrator.

@bcorrea we are not using Orchestrator. We are scheduling in Windows task scheduler

i understand, but that is not supported by UiPath, so if run into problems, you are on you’re own…

@bcorrea Is the task scheduler creating a problem? If i run the batch file alone pointing the nuget package, it throws the same issue.

@soorya_prasad did you maybe find a solution? I am facing the same problem

@qlka08 Hi, I got that issue bcoz microsoft outlook is getting signed out. Once the system gets restarted after any windows update, it gets signed out. so once we sign in again, we will not face any problem. We can handle this issue in global handler. I dont find any better way. If you have any solution, please post here.


What do you mean by Global Hanler? could you share the specifics?

In my case, I was getting timeout error. I found out that the mails were too many for Uipath to extract and when I broke the folder into chunks, it was able to run the program without throwing the error.
Not the most efficient solution but it gets the work done.