Cannot able get the selector for IE but gets in chrome

Hi Team,
There is a lot of difference in automate the same process but in different engine like IE and Chrome ?

i cannot able to set the chrome extension . so all automatic process i am doing in IE only

Now i am facing a big challenge when compare or doing the same thing in Different engine i cannot able to get the selector in IE ?

this is my IE screen cannot able to get in this save icon ?

But the same thing it shows different in chrome ?
see below screenshot too !!!

how to solve this issues here /

If you are not getting selector for that, then try click image and give image as the save button.

yes i cannot able to get that selector !!!

yes i have try then also no use
can you see below screenshot i have used like this
1st click event i select the page and 2nd click image event in that i have grab the save icon

My XAML file will stop here itself !! if i manually i click the save button then rest of the thing save as in one location and click save button close the window as those stuff doing completely !!!
Kindly see the UI Explorer selector for save image icon screenshot :

So any have idea to solve this issue here !!


As far as I understand, the basic problem is that you would like download files from the internet. Maybe you should try download files by sending http request, so that you do not have to find these selectors.

Not through internet i need to download from website !!!

how to do this activity ?

Hi @RaviDevaraj

How about Send Hotkey activity? There has to be a hotkey that would work for saving the file.

Try Send Hotkey activity with either CTRL+S or CTRL+SHIFT+S

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Hi @loginerror
Thanks for the solution

But need clarifications regarding CTRL+S or CTRL+SHIFT+S . i gave CTRL+S its work fine !! why not CTRL+SHIFT+S

which is more effective

CTRL+S is enough as it should work all the time (it just didn’t for me when I tested it on my machine for some weird reason)


Hi,To close browser i have open 1 link in that sub , sub of sub link like 3 pages available now i want to close 3rd one alone and i need to available the 2 page to do certain Process to automate


use Close tab activity

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Hi @Sreelatha278
Close Tab Activity ? --> while using the open browser i create the variable and i used for the close tab it close the my 1st open tab ? but i need to close my Last [3rd tab only]
how we can reach that

hi @Sreelatha278
I got the solution by setting the send hot key --> ctrl+W [By use of indicate the screen too]

Hi @Sreelatha278 @loginerror

In my webpage i need to select the date field show as like this :

If i select the Arrow button through the click event display as below screenshoot :

I need to select the drop-down i that i need to select always the first value see the below screenshot

Each time its vary from the drop-down first display date i need to select how it is possible ?

In this drop down i need to select every time the first date of displaying each day the date will be changed how it will get that here ?


I would try to do this sequence:

  1. Click once to open
  2. Send Hotkey DOWN to select first record
  3. Send Hotkey to close the menu, probably SPACE
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Hi @loginerror
This what you are saying and step3 i have done is correct “space” not available in drop-down i manually typed.

And i trigger the XAML File it execute and Step 1 and 2 completed and step 3 is staying on screen so long time (around more than 30 Seconds).

(around more than 30 Seconds). for this reason next trigger selector is cannot able to find so through an error in XAML File @loginerror How to solve this ?


You need to figure out the key that will close the dropdown. It might also be ESC, enter or tab.

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Awesome and Great Help !!!
Thanks a Lot…